Worried about a Girl travelling alone? Solo Travel? Travelling Safety for Single woman?

  • Leave your trail — drop in your itinerary details with your closed ones beforehand. I have a habit of checking in on the family watsapp group periodically when I travel solo. This is just a reassurance to them and to you, that all is well. Also there are many hi-tech gadgets and apps these days which help you raise an alarm, if need be.
  • Know that the mobile signals may not available everywhere. This is true at remote locations, if you can, it is wise to get a local sim in an ordinary phone. This will also become handy if and when you come across felons who intend to harass you in future. Also, keep your phone charged at all times, pictures and selfies can wait. Power banks are mandatory.
  • Take care of your belongings. Your money, ID cards, important documents, etc. cannot be at the mercy of other people’s care. It is important to carry your ID cards as necessary, but it is wise to also keep a color photo copy handy. I have had certain copies of my ID laminated and it works just fine.
  • No point in showing off you are a Super woman! You may be the queen in your vicinity, but just be sensible to understand that this is a foreign land and we do not want to invite trouble. So no late nights travelling (aim to reach to a safe place or at your stay before say… 8pm), no offering insensible help (going out of your way to drop someone), no sharing a drink or a dance or two with strangers. I am not against all these, just that it is important to know when to stop.
  • I love talking to strangers and meeting new people. In fact that is one more reason why I love solo travelling. But while it is fun getting to know a total stranger, there is no wisdom in giving out all your personal details to them. Exercise caution and know when to begin and where to pause.
  • Travel with the crowd, take public transports and avoid secluded and lonely spots. I refuse to take private cabs or vehicles around anywhere without being absolutely sure.
  • If at international locations, keep the contacts of the embassy handy. Know how and where to locate them, in cases of emergencies.
  • Keep a pepper spray handy.



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